Welcome to Amsterdam

hello there ...

Im an ex Amsterdam bicycle taxi driver

let me tell you something , i really loved that job  !!!

meetin all kind of people bein out on the street , nice ladies passin by all day , people talkin and asking for information and even better taking fun people for a ride through the city , unfortunately my knees started to hurt so i cant serve you people like that anymore , but im gonna do the same thing right here ... guide you through a nice and beautifull city Amsterdam .I will write about the most usefull themes and will put a lot of links in there all links to serve you .

fasten your seatbelts ....

to cruise the city with your invisible friend 


Korting op Mode

Wat dit ermee te maken heeft weet ik niet

maar als je korting wil op mode enzo

en je ben een Trendy vrouw ga dan is kijke

deze site , dus dan weetje dat D&G , Indian Rose

Noa en nog veel meer

red light area no 3

The third window watchin fun area is by far the smallest

maybe even area is a word to big for it , red light street  fits better , not to disapoint any one going there

Its in the other side of the center this one , something like 10 minutes walk from the Leidseplein near the museum area

small street but also ladies at the second floor

just to let you know

that there are three area s , the first area has most value to visit when you just want to see what its all about


your invisible friend

red light area no 2

the second largest red lights area of Amsterdam
unknown to many tourist even to many Dutch tourists
is the Area around the beginning of the Spuistraat  , this street starts near the central station on the right side of the central station looking into the city direction .

This area is much more quiet , less people movin lesser drug dealers , but for the lover of window watchin fun , there is enough to see , here there are old buildings as wel canals
but its much smaller than the Wallen area , on both sides of the spuistraat you wil have side lanes with red lights on the spuistraat it self there are windows as wel and on the right side of the spuistraat if you enter from direction central station you will find a area with some streets , I think this street is more discrete for people who wanna donate money and maybe even more to the ladies workin there ( i will ad a some fotos later )

Amsterdam has 3 redlight areas i know off (no 1 )

So back to the famous toppic  of Amsterdam
red lights  ... gonna make a promise here , im gonna ad some fotos to the site of the red lights , got to get out there and make the fotos , but i will , i might do this tommorrow allready

Red Light Area No 1 " De Wallen "

this is the biggest and most famous red-light area of Amsterdam .
Here there is always some movement and most of the time very very crowded ( gonna add some crowded foto as wel later ) Most of the movement is made by tourists . who walk in big groups for a little window watchin entertainment.

You will see everything , groups of girls , groups of elderly people , couples , loud ass Drunken English Hooligans , Italians , Spaniards , Americans ...many many tourists every single day cruisin this very famous red light area of Amsterdam

I did many red light tours with my bicycle taxi , most memorable tour was with two ladies who couldnt get enough
we ended up touring for more than an hour , the were like little girls in a themepark , we want another round the said something like tree times .... why was this ???

These ladies got lots of attention as well from prostitutes who liked joking with the ladies and also wanted them to come in ..
and from man cruisin the street ...

It is a very lively area , lots of fun especially if you are there for the first time .


Be careful dear children of mother earth , there are drugdealers looking for customers and they dont really seem to recognize there customers very well , so say to practically all the tourist ....psssss eeeeey cocaine XTC ...these are illigal activities and illigal drugs in liberal Amsterdam , but these guys must be like weeds to the police .

What to do ?

just ignore if you are not interested in doing illegal drugs.

what else offcourse be aware off pickpockets in all crowded areas off the city , i have been mugged twice , one time i got my stuff back though because i caught the thieve , maybe later more about this adventure .


Go there after sun set ...It really looks romantic ... pretty old buildings next to canals with red lights reflecting everywhere , it has much more atmosphere than the daytime and if you dont go to late there will be a big crowd to make you feel safe

Have fun

Amsterdam Where to stay

very important if you visit Amsterdam is having nice suitable accomodation

I dont know who you are ... maybe you are backpacker or maybe even a business man a maried couple

I ve had all kind of people in the back of my bicycle taxi

all nice children of the same Creator occupied with different roles in this universal play .

If you are a backpacker you most likely want to stay in a Hostel ...Cheap and with lots of people to meet
I have some experience with Amsterdam Hostels of wich i will speak in the special Hostel Blog

If you are business man or a couple in love

you would preffer a Hotel ... there are really many Hotels in Amsterdam  and im inspired here as well , I will make a special Blog with advice for Hotels ... places for Love and places for Business

in both cases Hostel or Hotel its best to book in advance

once had a Belgian guy in the back of my bike , wanting my help to find a place , we went to hostels and hotels ... all were full , we could use the phone directory of the hostels to call but no body had a place for him ,  he offered me money to stay in my house ...poor guy ...sorry but i had to work

called a friend for him though , but also didnt want to take the stranger into the house

so my friends book in advance


your invisible friend

Amsterdam bike riding

Amsterdam is the city of bikes

bikes everywhere , millions of bikes throughout the city , with big big locks on them .

a bike is the ideal way of transportation in Amsterdam , their is a very good infrastructure , with many bikelanes and  even special bike roads .

You can almost park your bike anywhere ( dont forget the locking of the bike  )

it even gives you a feeling of freedom , riding among the locals on your rented bike ( wich is mostly the case with tourists )

many fun canals with nice bridges , exept if you ride bicycle-taxi ...though ...

its a big bike playground , especially on the nice sunny days

cruise the city ...

and if you want more , I ve got great advice for you , go for a tour . There are many nice places to go near Amsterdam , wich will give you unique experience of the dutch country-side landscape , wich is pretty near to Amsterdam , ride your bike to Marken for instance , its beautifull

soon i will ad links with free maps or discriptions wich can help you find the place , for the time being , there are many signs wich will guide you there as well ( part of the very good bicycle infrastructure in the Netherlands)

have fun ...

dont forget your snacks though ,


your invisible friend

Amsterdam ...city of pot and prostitutes...or is there more...??

It is true my dear friends , there is lots of pot ( marijuana ) in the city and many very nice places to smoke ...your nice hotel room included , if you do stay in a nice hotel and have a smokin room that is .

I ve had some nice experiences with pot smokin tourists in the city ...especially the newbies ..hehe..

BE CAREFULL!!! its strong stuff really trust me

smoked with a big guy ones (newbie) and he really got knocked of his feet ( was drinkin ass wel , this casino director )

maybe later i will tell you the details of this fun story .

By the way he Got knocked of his feet in the red light area( the wallen ) ... and really if you knew the exact details you would laugh ...hehe like  i am now ...

So you all ready heared it , yes there is a red light area and a big chance that you wanna visit it ...window watchin fun

but hey no need to go inside my friend ...because these ladies are money hungry sharks ( words from a amsterdam street pimp )

But i must say there are some fine lookin sharks out there , really fine lookin trust me on this one .

if you wanna know the best streets for window watchin , i might tell you later in a special to this dedicated blog .

Sorry folks im gonna change the subject here ...
because Amsterdam is a lot more than red and green .
Its a really beautifull historical city with beautifull canals and historical buildings every where , which i personally love very much .

We have a beautifull park ( the vondel park ) a must go on a warm Amsterdam day , have a picknick there with your loved one or loved ones if you have a harem or more likely a family of friends ... you will be among many real  Amsterdam people , who  all seem to speak english and seem to be pretty friendly.

Amsterdam is filled with restaurants  and good places to eat
from as less as 5 euro you can have a nice meal  , if you know where though ... and prices rise as far as you budget , there are michelin star restaurants  and ex michelin star restaurants and many places between these two

may Life guide you to the right place for you


your invisible friend 

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